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Summary meeting of the first half of 2019

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On the afternoon of July 22, the company convened a summary meeting for the first half of 2019. Ms. Zhao Huifang, General Manager, Mr. Li Shengli, Vice-President of General Department, Mr. Zhao Yonggang, Vice-President of Sales, and Mr. Li Zhongya, Vice-President of Production participated in the meeting. This meeting is not only a review and summary of the work in the first half of 2019, but also a deployment of priorities and objectives for the second half of the year.

First of all, Ms. Zhao Huifang, General Manager, made a concluding statement on the main problems encountered in production, sales and management in the first half of 2019. In this half year, although the work of various departments is carried out according to the monthly and quarterly plans, the progress of the annual work plan has been continuously promoted. However, the main problems in the first half of the year, such as the severe security situation, the weak goal of the work and the lack of obvious cost reduction, are still outstanding.
She pointed out that in 2019, Huilong's achievements were also very gratifying in the overall economic situation, which was enough to prove the continuous efforts of Huilong people. But there is still great potential to improve management level and set bigger goals in order to achieve better results.
At the same time, security is also mentioned by Ms. Zhao Huifang many times in this meeting. The occurrence of safety accidents not only does harm to personal health, but also causes huge losses to economic income. Safety should always be unremitting and never stop.
Finally, in his work plan for the second half of 2019, Zhao urged all departments to earnestly and efficiently complete the monthly and quarterly planning objectives, and to continue to strengthen safety production, enterprise management, personnel training, job exchange and cost control. Focus on promoting GK, ERP and other two key projects to lay the foundation for the completion of the company's strategic planning
Director Zhao's work report pointed out that: the development of supporting customers is the sales department's primary goal this year, in which the company's fist product Weilong series has completed strategic cooperation with a well-known construction machinery enterprise. Secondly, we should pay special attention to sales repayment, standardize sales management, expand sales channels, and focus on the development of international markets.
At the meeting, Vice President of Production Li Zhongya summarized the first half of the production system and the work plan for the second half of the deployment. In view of the problems put forward by the general manager, the solutions are given one by one to cooperate with the sales department, improve the quality level and production efficiency, and ensure that customer needs are met.
The whole meeting was chaired by Vice-President Li Shengli of the General Department. In this meeting, Li Shengli concisely summarized the work accomplished by the General Department. Emphasis is laid on strengthening administrative law enforcement, continuing to promote the construction of corporate culture, and following up on key projects is an important task in the second half of the year.
Before the end of the meeting, Vice-President Li Shengli of the General Department invited Ms. Zhao Huifang, General Manager, to award prizes to the workshop and individuals who have achieved excellent results in the Safety Month activities.
In short, in the second half of the year, the company's management posts should be due diligence, solid work, aim at the objectives, in accordance with the deployment and planning requirements put forward by the meeting, earnestly implement and successfully complete the work objectives for 2019.

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